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Zambia Air Force - Center of Advanced Learning
Brigadier General Terry Moono (rtd)
The First Commandant Center of Advanced Learning 2019 -2022
Brigadier General Richard Malama Bwalya
The Commandant Center of Advanced Learning
Colonel Evans Shabalengu
The Deputy Commandant - Center of Advanced Learning
The Director Distance & E-Learning
Colonel Mwangala Sicecani
The Commanding Officer Center of Advanced Learning
Colonel Japhet K Nabusangu
The Registrar Center of Advanced Learning
Lt Col Kelvin N Mwape
Dean of Students Military Wing - Center of Advanced Learning
Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Sinkamba
School of Business Studies Lecturer - Center of Advanced Learning
Major Emmie Njobvu
The Librarian Center of Advanced Learning
Captain Alice Munankopa
The Bursar Center of Advanced Learning
Major Chizalila
The Legal Counsel - Center of Advanced Learning
Warrant Officer Class One J Musune
Center of Advanced Learning Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer Class Two D Mukuka
The Assistant Legal Counsel & Admissions - Center of Advanced Learning
Sergeant Nambela
School of Business Studies Lecturer - Center of Advanced Learning


Our innovation in education is that the Center of Advanced Learning (CAL)  Connects Students to Advanced Courses Online via Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) for Content Management.  

As part of the Covid-19 after effect response strategy, Both Our E-learning platforms and Traditional Classroom setting Offer Online and Offline realtime Learning For Students Seeking Advanced Content. CAL is preparing students for University (CBU) & College (NIPA) Degree & Diploma Certification with higher-level courses.

The current curriculum, includes students’ access to existing courses and their interest in more courses available for post graduate. Our students will have access to all the courses required for admission to the Copperbelt University & National Institute of Public Administration system.

Our schedules and sequencing will enable students have multiple opportunities to take advanced courses beyond the baseline offered by any other universities or institutions. Students will be performing at higher levels with additional courses which students need or want.

CAL is offering you all this and more, and what will learn will help guide your next steps in your Careers as we develop our Nation Zambia.


The goal for the Center of Advanced Learning (CAL) is to archieve "Learning for Efficiency" and it is aimed at keeping Service Personnel in their various Profesions to the fore and high on the Zambia Air Force Mission and Vision. It is against the above that career progression was considered.

Thus the nature, volume and scope of individual professional development for Service Personnel is not a private matter. It is now clear in the Appraisal of performance, Quality Assurance Procedures, Institutional and Subject-level Perfomance requirements, that Personnel need to meet professional body membership which they can aquire through Advanced Learning.

Thus CAL through its partnership with University of Zambia, Copperbel University (CBU) and National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) intends to produce Gratuates of achievements and accountabilities which indicate that their work is of international standing, including, for example, details of successful career approaches; including, as appropriate, student, peer and external assessments and evaluations, and original materials used in Advanced Learning.

Our Innovations are made in support of student learning; curriculum development; publications centred on teaching of the subject; in partnership with the Zambia Research & Education Network (ZAMREN) we participate in National & International reaserches concerned with the development of the our Nation.
USEFUL LINKS;    www.airforce.mil.zm            www.mod.gov.zm        
EMAIL US;                cal@airforce.mil.zm            calairforce@gmail.com
WEB ADMIN;       tmutemwa@calairforce.edu.zm
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